September 30, 2020

Leeds office workers munch a staggering 480,000 bags of crisps a day

Leeds has won the dubious title of ‘King of the crunch’ in a survey revealing the crisp eating habits of office workers around the UK.

Office workers in  Leeds enjoyed munching their way through a staggering 125m bags of crisps last year, meaning each worker crunches through an average of six bags a week at work.

That’s the finding of, which stumbled upon the surprising figure while researching lunch eating habits of office workers in the city.

But the city’s potato snack addiction could present a terrifying health time-bomb, with Leeds crisp-eaters shovelling away three kilos of fat annually as a result.

“We all love a bag of crisps now and again, but it seems some more than others,” says Jonathan Ratcliffe. “Perhaps slightly embarrassingly for Leeds, it seems we just can’t get enough of them.” spoke to office workers around the UK, and found that not only did Leeds eat the most, it eats more than twice that of Glasgow.

Leeds crisp eating stats:

  • 480,000 bags eaten per day in the city;
  • 125m bags eaten per year;
  • 313 bags eaten per person.

According to Mr Ratcliffe, 10g of fat in every packet of crisps means that the average Leeds office worker puts away something like 3.1 kilos (6.8 pounds) of fat every year.

“Can you imagine eating seven pounds of fat?” he asks. “I’m not saying that we should all be immediately switching to quinoa and health food snacks, but the health implications are obvious.”

In fact, the top five crisp eating cities for office workers were:

  1. Leeds – 313 bags a year;
  2. Birmingham – 261 bags a year;
  3. Liverpool – 197 bags a year;
  4. Nottingham – 185 bags a year;
  5. Glasgow – 143 bags a year.

And there’s another big problem to which crisp-munching office workers are contributing – and that’s waste.

“Nearly half a million crisp packets being chucked in office bins every day in Leeds is almost impossible to imagine,” says Mr Ratcliffe, “but the fact is that the huge majority of snack packaging can’t be recycled.”

Instead, it either goes to landfill, or is simply burned – and both of these outcomes are tremendously wasteful, Leeds Offices says.

“There are other ways of snacking that don’t cost the Earth. You could try fresh fruit, for example, that’s delicious and good for you.”

But Leeds Offices is convinced that no appeal to common sense and good health will shift Leeds workers away from tasty, tasty crisps.

“We’re not the boss of you,” says Mr Ratcliffe, “Eat whatever you like in your work lunch, this is one title that another city can’t take away from us.”