November 24, 2020

North Yorkshire-based Mackenzies Smokehouse arrive at Booths supermarkets

After years of success as a smoked produce brand, North Yorkshire-based Mackenzies Smokehouse have rebranded and expanded their range. They are now in a position to secure listings with supermarket stores, while it has also recently taken over Mackenzies Farm Shop at the foot of Nidderdale.

Whilst the family behind the business have been busy adjusting its operating model for its farm shop to cater online food deliveries, it has also been working hard to get its artisan smoked produce in to the well-loved and known Booths supermarket amongst other retailers in the North.

Booths have welcomed its range from ‘The Yorkshire Smokehouse’ into their 30 stores including Ripon and Settle. These delicious smoked culinary delights include Smoked Ham, Roast Ham, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Duck, Smoked and dry cured bacon, Black treacle bacon.