January 24, 2021

Yorkshire bakery chain Cooplands goes vegan

Think your daily bread is vegan? A lot aren’t but Yorkshire’s oldest family bakery chain is rising to the challenge posed by increasingly aware shoppers and making sure that its bread really is.

Cooplands has been bringing bread to the high street for over 130 years and has now become the largest bakery in Britain to make the move to go vegan with its freshly baked bread and rolls that are made with none of the animal fats, dairy, eggs or honey that can often be found in shop-bought breads and that can cause a shopping headache for vegans.

Company CEO, Belinda Youngs, commented: “At Cooplands we put our customers’ needs at the heart of our bakery operations. We know that many shoppers want to be really sure that the bread products that they are buying are 100% vegan and that’s why we are delighted to be the first high street bakery to be able to offer this to all our customers every day.”

The company’s bread is made to a traditional recipe, with just high protein flour, water, salt and yeast as the base. Variants include white, wholemeal, scotch and country grain. Where possible it sources local ingredients and it’s at the company’s three bakery sites in Scarborough, Durham and Hull that it makes its thousands of  loaves and  rolls every day, freshly baked around the clock, then delivered to their 160 shops and 12 cafes across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North East at 5am each morning.

Traditional baking methods by skilled bakers are at the heart of Cooplands’ bread making. Despite the scale of the company’s modern-day production, large parts of the process are still manual, including weighing ingredients, levelling dough into bread tins, cuts on top of all loaves, loading and unloading tins and rolls into ovens and removing loaves from its tins.