April 12, 2021

New craft rum set to pack a punch

Lovers of small batch brews and craft tipples are in for a treat, thanks to a brand-new rum that is sure to be Doncaster-based Brittains‘ next best beverage.

Brittains, which has already made its mark in the world of speciality vodkas and gins, has this month launched a new, full-flavoured, Premium Spiced Rum that offers the perfect balance of sweetness and strength.

Ideal for sipping, mixing, or cocktails, Brittains’ Premium Spiced Rum features a unique blend of cask-aged Caribbean rum and smooth, honeyed caramel, giving it a rich treacle feel that exudes pure luxury. Finished with notes of hand-selected mulling spices such as smoked vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper, it offers an exciting balance of spice and sweet, reminiscent of a sumptuous Christmas pudding.

Brittains Premium Spiced Rum is a blend of Dominican Republic rum and Jamaican rum. The Dominican Republic rum is distilled in a column still and the Jamaican rum is distilled in copper pots and it is produced from sugar cane molasses.

Brittains receives the rum at 75%, it then uses reverse osmosis to take the impurities out of water, and then adds water to the rum to reduce it to 35%. It is at this stage that the secret blend of caramel and spices is added.

Brittains Premium Spiced Rum, 35% ABV, is now available in in 700ml bottles from brittainsbeverages.com and across the country in certain pubs, bars and restaurants.

John Raper, Master Blender at Brittains, said: “Craft beverages are more popular than ever, and we have witnessed a real shift in drinking patterns. Rather than cheap, additive-filled spirits, consumers are now looking for premium, luxurious drinks that have a clear sense of provenance behind them.

“Our product range offers the discerning drinker a whole experience – from the luxurious branding and bottles, to the finest ingredients and delicious taste. Whether you’re looking for a sipping beverage or something to mix or use in cocktails, we offer something for everyone.

“Vodka has always been and will always be a mainstay in the drinks cabinet, and the gin resurgence of 2016 still reigns supreme. However, we’ve noticed that consumers are still looking to add new drinks to the mix, and we are convinced that rum will be the next best thing.

“As rum has tipped to be the next tipple of choice, we wanted to take a leap into the market. So, we set our master blenders to work and they have come up with a deliciously sumptuous drink which offers the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, sure to satisfy.

“We have built a loyal customer base who have been a part of our beverage journey. From vodka to gin and now rum – our repertoire is expanding based on the ever-changing spirits landscape and the thirst for new, exciting and premium drinks.

“We’re well established in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas and are stocked at a number of independent retailers, Michelin starred restaurants and bars – however 2019 will see us drive things forward on a much more national scale.

“The wheels are firmly in motion for a busy 2019 that will see targeted marketing campaigns, a bigger push on retail and the development of some deliciously exciting products – watch this space!”

Brittains has reacted to the nation’s thirst for craft cocktails by creating its own cocktail inspiration videos featuring favourites such as a dark and stormy and rum and cola.