December 5, 2020

Kickstarter campaign up and running for The Jungle Kitchen Cafe & Deli in Leeds that’s 100% vegan!

A Kickstarter campaign has started with the aim of opening The Jungle Kitchen – a cafe, deli and space to teach people to cook in Leeds that just happens to also be 100% vegan.

The brainchild of India Silvani-Jones, a vegan chef who for the last few years has been making some noise on the food scene in Leeds with vegan supper clubs, pop up kitchens, TV shows, Leeds Indie Food Fest events and cooking workshops; in the process getting named #2 in Buzzfeed’s list of Top Secret Places to Eat in Leeds.

“I would love to make vegan food more accessible to everyone, whether they’re vegan or not,” explains India. “I don’t want to be top secret anymore; I want to feed more people! I’ve launched this Kickstarter campaign to help towards The Jungle Kitchen’s start up costs and bring more much-needed vegan food to the exciting and rapidly growing Leeds Independent Food scene.

“The Jungle Kitchen will be the place to come to learn how to cook vegan, to learn how to love being creative with ingredients, and to experiment without always relying on recipes. Cooking workshops will teach the foundations of vegan cooking, with themes such as ‘I could never give up cheese’ and ‘Tofu tastes of nothing’, aiming to debunk the myths and provide delicious alternatives, all finishing with eating and drinking together and taking home some delicious food.”

India Silvani-Jones

The number of vegans continues to rise, according to The Vegan Society’s survey in May 2016, there are now over half a million vegans in the UK, which is a 360 per cent increase over ten years. It is the fastest growing lifestyle movement in the UK, with supermarkets increasingly stocking cruelty-free products and creating their own ranges, and more and more restaurants providing vegan menu options. An increasing number of people are cutting down on animal products but don’t necessarily intend to become vegetarian, vegan, or even give themselves a label – and why should they? The Jungle Kitchen will be a place everyone is welcome, it will be about great food, a positive atmosphere, and community, the vegan part will almost be incidental.

The Kickstarter Campaign can be found here with the aim of generating funds of £3,000 towards start-up costs by 10pm on Tuesday 12th December 2017. For more information about India and her past events, blog and recipes, please visit Follow the Kickstarter journey and keep updated on events and more at