November 26, 2020

Celebrate British Pie Week in Leeds with Tetley’s Brewery and a free pint

To get in the spirit of British Pie Week, which kicks off today (Monday 4th March), Tetley’s Brewery has paired its brews with some classic British pies, suiting every taste.

  • Drinking the Golden Ale? Pair this light, citrusy and refreshing beer with a lighter flavoured pie, such as fish or vegetable.
  • If your preferred pint is the No.3 Pale Ale, this fruity, bold beer with hop bitterness goes great with more robust flavours, like a cheese & onion or steak & stilton pie.
  • Original Bitter, rich in flavour with caramel sweetness contrasting the bitterness, is perfect with fuller flavours, such as steak & kidney or meat & potato. 

That isn’t all, to celebrate one of Britain’s most loved dishes, Tetley’s Brewery has paired up with The Tetley, offering a free pint of Tetley’s with any pie ordered over British Pie Week – the perfect combination! The offer is available from noon until 9pm and visitors must quote ‘British Pie Week’ to get the deal.

One of Britain’s oldest and best loved ales was brewed in Leeds at Tetley’s Brewery for nearly 200 years and has a strong and proud history that is synonymous with the city. Tetley’s still lives by its founder Joshua Tetley’s mantra ‘quality pays’ and centuries on still produces its signature double strain yeast, giving Tetley’s beers their unique taste.

In 2018 Tetley’s rolled out a new logo and branding, a new interpretation of the Tetley family’s coat of arms, using symbols inspired by their previous business as maltsters and used in the company’s original logo for the first 100 years of its existence.