January 29, 2022

Whitby Gin distils plan to raise £500,000 for funding of new premises

Whitby Distillery in North Yorkshire is launching the Founders Club, which it hopes will raise £500,000 towards the cost of its new eco-build distillery.

The maker of Whitby Gin has products stocked in more than 400 outlets across the UK and will commence work on the £1.5m distillery in January.

Luke Pentith commented: “The Founders Club is an essential part of our new project. Whilst some of the build cost of the distillery will come from more traditional sources, we are looking to create a Whitby Distillery community, who will share in our whole exciting journey.

“We hope this community will play a crucial role in helping our dream to become a reality, whilst enjoying a whole range of benefits which will appeal to gin drinkers across the country, including shaping the taste of our future gins.

“Our aim is to raise £500,000, which would enable us to complete the distillery and the visitor centre in good time next year. We have already floated the idea of a Founders Club to our friends and supporters and it has been received really well. Now it’s time to launch it to a wider audience in the UK.

“Club members will become part of Whitby’s story, helping to bring new business to the area and creating jobs for local people and putting spirit back. New ideas and adventures have always been launched along this rugged coast and this is an amazing opportunity to be part of one of them.

“Whether you’re a gin enthusiast, or looking to invest in a slice of Whitby’s heritage, we’ve got a membership package to suit.”