February 26, 2021

Leeds-based Troy Foods sees 50 per cent year on year growth of its salads brand

Troy Foods, the Leeds-based vegetable and salad producer, has seen its popular own brand ‘s:a:l:a:d:s’ range grow by 50 per cent over the last 12 months bringing it to a value of £5m following the launch of a number of new lines last year and with more planned for 2017.

Since launching its first s:a:l:a:d:s products eight years ago supplying Heron Foods, Troy Foods has extended its lines to meet growing demand for ‘food to go’ and now supplies its products to retail outlets throughout the UK.

Made at Troy Foods’ BRC approved salad site in Leeds, the latest products in the range include Italian pasta, coleslaw, chicken and bacon pasta, potato salad, fruity couscous, tuna and sweetcorn pasta and beetroot salad.

“Our salads range was developed by our talented NPD team after spotting a gap in the market for making branded, potted prepared salads which retailers could purchase for the ‘food to go’ consumer market,” explains James Kempley, commercial manager of Troy Foods. “Increasingly, people’s busy lifestyles mean they want tasty, freshly made snacks which can be easily consumed wherever they are.

“We regularly review our product base and have further developed and extended it as new customers have come on board and the market has continued to grow.  For example, we’ve added sporks to the pots and developed new recipes in line with consumers’ changing tastes. The range has proved particularly popularly for outlets that may not have enough volume to justify their own bespoke packaging,” explains Mr Kempley. 

“We have ambitious plans to further grow our sales in 2017 with both existing and new customers as we launch yet more new products and build on the five million packs of our s:a:l:a:d:s brand products sold annually.”

Based in Leeds where it has three premises and employs 600 staff, the third generation family business supplies a selection of prepared vegetables for ready meals and retail packs to leading supermarkets.  In recent years, it has diversified into processing value added lines such as dressed salads including coleslaw, potato salads, pasta salads and dips as well as mayonnaise and dressings to retailers and food service groups.