January 17, 2021

South Yorkshire’s Beatson Clark continues production of beer bottles to meet brewery demand

Beer sales in the UK have slumped by 82% since the start of the lockdown, according to a survey by SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers. But as pubs remain closed, the increase in doorstep deliveries, online orders and retail sales has created demand for glass packaging which manufacturer Beatson Clark is working hard to meet.

The South Yorkshire company is concentrating on production of its 330ml amber 1907 beer bottle, which is ideal for breweries large and small both in the UK and overseas.

“Our 1907 beer bottle is a very popular design and is used by many well-known breweries, including BrewDog,” said Charlotte Taylor, Marketing Manager at Beatson Clark. “It’s important to maintain the production and supply of food, beverages and pharmaceutical products during the Covid-19 crisis, and to do that producers need packaging.

“That’s why we took the decision to keep our glassworks running and to put in place stringent healthy and safety measures to protect our staff while they carry out their work.”

With pubs, bars and restaurants closed the main market for independent breweries has ceased to exist – but they are finding new channels to supply their customers.

The SIBA report found that 70% of craft breweries are offering new delivery or takeaway services to keep the beer flowing, and around 61% of those breweries are offering free delivery.

Meanwhile over half of craft breweries (55%) say they have seen an increase in online beer sales.

A number of breweries and cider makers that use Beatson Clark’s bottles are seeing an increase in online sales, including Dunkertons Cider, Saltaire Brewery and BrewDog.

Dunkertons Cider in Gloucester uses amber beer bottles from Beatson Clark and has seen a 1,100% increase in sales of bottled cider advertised via social media and through the company’s new online shop.

Saltaire Brewery has introduced a delivery service for their beers across West Yorkshire using Beatson Clark’s 330ml and 500ml amber bottles and is hoping to expand deliveries to the rest of the UK soon.

The brewery reports that the delivery service has been so successful it may continue deliveries if there is still demand even after the lockdown is lifted.

Meanwhile BrewDog, which is a long-standing customer of Beatson Clark, has also reported an increase in online sales since the start of the lockdown.

Beatson Clark’s beer bottles are available to order direct in bulk or in lower volumes via Beatson Clark’s distributors around the world.

The company has a long history of supplying beer bottles to many well-known breweries including BrewDog, Robinsons, Camerons, Greene King and the UK’s only Trappist beer, Tynt Meadow.

To make an enquiry or place an order visit www.beatsonclark.co.uk/contact.