November 26, 2020

Revolutionary Yorkshire business FullClear launches new crowdfunding campaign to accelerate growth

Industry leading Harrogate-based business, FullClear, is launching a campaign on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to raise a minimum £250,000 to help fund the next stage of its growth journey. 

FullClear is the world’s most advanced beer line cleaner – the first product of its kind, proven to allow for safe, monthly cleaning. Its ambition is to become the industry gold standard for brewers, licensees, pub companies and beer drinkers. The company will use the investment to further its expansion both in the UK and globally alongside building its sales and marketing capabilities.

The crowdfunding campaign is now live at: 

Alex Murray, Chief Executive

Based in Harrogate, FullClear currently works with many of the UK’s leading pubs, hotels and breweries, including Admiral Taverns, Hawthorn Leisure, Hilton UK, Tokoyo Industries, TLC Inns and Yorkshire-based Theakston’s, one of the UK’s oldest breweries. 

The company was founded last year by local entrepreneur Alex Murray. FullClear is the only non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic and eco-ethical beer line cleaner on the market. It replaces dated, toxic and corrosive chemicals resulting in dramatic improvements in beer quality, customer satisfaction and unparalleled savings for operators. The product has undergone over 20 independent and scientific tests at venues and leading laboratories which support the food and beverage industry.

The need for a non-toxic and non-corrosive beer line cleaner was highlighted last year after a Leeds bar was fined £25,000 for mistakenly serving a glass of caustic soda instead of beer to a customer, resulting in the man having his oesophagus removed after swallowing the drink.*

Chief Executive, Alex Murray, has run several businesses during a 25-year career, including Ripe Design, founded in Leeds in 1998, which then rapidly grew to open offices in South Africa, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. During his time at the helm, the agency was selected to appear in a film produced by tech giant Apple as an example of great creativity and design. Alex is also involved in several local projects and charity causes, as well as being a founding board member of the Leeds Community Foundation.

Alex said: “At FullClear we provide the science behind great beer and with the current cutting-edge techniques in brewing, it’s only right the industry deserves the most scientifically advanced cleaning solution to support that.

“We proud to be a Yorkshire company that leads the world as a disruptive, innovative biotech business. Most cleaning chemicals are toxic, corrosive and ineffective meaning that beer lines have to be cleaned weekly rather than every month. Through our extensive, independently verified tests we’ve proven you can safely extend the clean cycle from weekly to monthly. Our research shows £1bn a year is lost in beer waste through traditional line cleaning methods and we’ve calculated that FullClear has the commercial opportunity to save the UK industry alone some £700m a year in waste.

“We understand that line cleaning isn’t hugely sexy, but neither is a dirty pint – this year’s Beer Quality Report found that one in three pints is served via unclean lines. We are committed to helping landlords and other hospitality operators serve better quality beer and run better, more profitable businesses.” 

“We’re hugely excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign; it’s a proven and modern approach to raising the capital we require to fund the next stage of our exciting growth journey. We’re excited to engage with a community of fans and investors that share our passion about quality beer and recognise us for the industry-leading business that we are.”

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