January 16, 2021

Our verdict – The new all-day brunch weekend menu from Taste in Leeds

It goes without saying that here at EatDrinkYorkshire we’re always on the look out for the latest and most tastiest meals the county has to offer, whether they’re from independent eateries or restaurant chains. We therefore take it as a professional affront if somewhere decent avoids our radar for any length of time, particularly if they’re based in our home town of Leeds. However, after being tipped off about Taste’s new all-day brunch weekend menu, we set off to Holbeck Urban Village to see what we’d been missing from this quaint little cafe.

What immediately leapt out from the menu was the breadth of choice, particularly as on the face of it Taste is a relatively modest-sized cafe and sandwich shop. Every appetite is catered for, from the aptly-named The Fully Monty (Sausage, Bacon, Roasted Vine Tomatoes, Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Home-Made BBQ Beans, Sourdough Toast and Eggs, all for £10.50) through to lighter bites and everything in-between, including a healthy range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Just to make the selection process that bit harder, several daily specials are also available and, after an age of deliberation, it was one of these we finally went for: Poached Egg with Salmon Hash Browns. And what a choice to turned out to be! The homemade hash browns were crammed packed with fluffy potato and salmon, and proved ideal for soaking up the deliciously creamy parsley sauce and the oodles of yolky goodness that burst out of the perfectly pitched poached egg. A good handful of fresh rocket rounded off this most flavoursome of dishes. Hopefully we’ll see it gain promotion from the Specials Board to the regular menu sooner rather than later!

Poached Egg with Salmon Hash Browns

Feeling properly chuffed with our first choice, our second selection from the brunch menu, Scrambled Egg & Chorizo on Sourdough Toast (£7.00), proved every bit as high in quality. Creamy scrambled eggs were perfectly matched by generous helpings of deliciously smoky and meaty chorizo chunks, all aboard a hearty slab of crispy and extremely tasty sourdough. Once again, plenty of fresh rocket added both colour and flavour.

Scrambled Egg & Chorizo on Sourdough Toast (£7.00)

Our verdict

The term ‘hidden gem’ is bordering on cliché in culinary circles but given that it’s still very much early days for Taste following its recent foray into the weekend brunch market, it’s a fitting description for this delightfully friendly cafe. Whilst by no means city central, it’s not a far jaunt from Leeds’ pub and bar circuit, making it an ideal starting point to line the stomach for a bit of day drinking (or to aid recovery the following day!). Why not head down this weekend to see for yourself? Chances are you’ll see us there too.

3 Saw Mill Yard, Holbeck,
Leeds, LS11 5WH
0113 243 1268
[email protected]