August 16, 2022

Our Verdict: Social Brunch Pizza & Prosecco at Leeds Flight Club

Since it opened in June, Leeds Flight Club has injected a huge dose of fun into the game of darts with its interactive social offering, not to mention the comprehensive list of drinks it provides. What’s less known is that it also has a Social Brunch Pizza & Prosecco deal to help replace all those carbs used up throwing the darts.

Flight Club’s supercharged version of the traditional game involves a series of multiplayer games using unique patented dart tracking technology designed by Flight Club’s very own astrophysicist. Tournament tech can connect up to 150 players within the venue. Instant scoring eliminates any need for counting and reimagines matches into exciting social experiences.

It’s a spectacular space, so whether you’re after brunch (which includes two bottles of fizz and a constant supply of freshly made pizzas), an after work drink or a bit of friendly competition, Flight Club Leeds has all the board covered.

Even if you’re not after a game, the Brunch Social menu is the sure-fire bullseye you’ve been waiting for. It runs Thursday to Sunday (12:00-2:00 and 2:30-4:30) and to book your place, visit