November 24, 2020

New season rhubarb jams from Wakefield’s Rosebud Preserves

Wakefield-based Rosebud Preserves is pleased to announce that its new season rhubarb jams using forced Yorkshire rhubarb are now available to buy.

The fruit to make these flavoursome jams comes from grower David Westwood & Son, sixth generation Rhubarb growers based in the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle near Wakefield. Their forced rhubarb is available from January through to March and is held in high esteem for its beautiful colour, its subtle flavour and its palate cleansing mix of acidity and sweetness. 

Elspeth Biltoft, owner of Rosebud Preserves, says: “Forced Rhubarb makes wonderful jam, especially when paired with ginger or dessert orange. The secret is quality and simplicity of ingredients. We use generous quantities of Rhubarb, especially the variety Timperly, not too much unrefined sugar, a little fresh lemon juice and the warm hit of oriental ginger or the brightness of citrus. Our soft natural sets guarantee a lovely fresh and fruity flavour, rather than an overly sweet one. The vibrant colour that comes from forced rhubarb is a beautiful bonus. 

“We first made our Yorkshire Rhubarb & Ginger Jam in 1992. I was seeking traditional British jam recipes at that time and this one led me to source freshly picked rhubarb from the ‘Yorkshire Triangle’. That is how I met David Westwood, a fifth generation rhubarb grower and a true gentleman, who grew beautiful produce near Wakefield. The business is now run by his son and daughter.

“The recipe we use today is almost identical to the one we first used, except today we include slightly less unrefined cane sugar. The best rhubarb and ginger jam must be made from fresh early season rhubarb, either forced (grown indoors) or ‘green top’ (grown outdoors). Ideally the stems should be picked and prepared on the same day and there should be a vibrant balance of rhubarb to sugar and ginger, which drops softly from the spoon, and is never over- cooked or stringy.

“Our Rhubarb and Ginger Jam makes a lovely semifreddo. You can also try it mixed with yoghurt or spooned over ice cream for a delightfully simple dessert.”

Rosebud Preserves has been making its jams, marmalades, chutneys and jellies at Masham, North Yorkshire, since 1989. The company was started by Elspeth and her founding principles, to source local produce whenever possible; to cook traditional recipes; and practice time honoured techniques, without the use of additives, preservatives or pectin; remain the same today.

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