January 19, 2021

New Channel 5 TV series celebrates Yorkshire food production

In a new celebratory documentary series from Channel 5, John Prescott goes behind the scenes of Yorkshire most famous factories to discover the surprising secrets behind the region’s iconic foods.

Join the honorary Yorkshireman on his journey as he learns about intriguing processes and gets involved in production on the factory floor. From Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese and Vale of Mowbray Pork Pies, to HECK! sausages and Whitakers Chocolates, watch as he meets the hard working Yorkshire workers up against tough deadlines to produce huge orders worth millions of pounds.

In the heart-warming first episode of this new series, which begins Tuesday 10th April at 9pm on Channel 5, we join Lord Prescott on his journey of discovery into the heart of the factories making some of the region’s best loved foods on a massive scale.

He travels throughout North Yorkshire from Skipton down to Northallerton, going behind the scenes, and discovering the secrets of iconic Yorkshire foods; Whitakers Chocolates and HECK! Sausages. He gets hands on, working alongside employees meeting deadlines for huge orders.

In Skipton, long running family business Whitakers Chocolates was first established in 1889 and produces 2m chocolates a day. John meets with William Whitaker, the current managing director, who grew up learning from his father, John, and who knows the chocolate business inside out.

He works side by side with the chocolate makers, following large scale production processes and watching as hundreds of thousands of chocolates come off factory lines, into boxes and go on their way to households across the country.

He spends time with the chocolate taster who teaches him what she looks for in the perfect after-dinner mint, Whitakers’ signature product. He learns more about the intricate machines which wrap the chocolates, as well as finding out more about the history of this fascinating business, and the surprising lady who changed the family’s fortunes forever.

He then travels to Northallerton in North Yorkshire where he visits the region’s largest sausage factory, and meets the workers who ensure that over 400,000 of sausages a day leave the factory. He learns about the machines which make a staggering 1200 sausages a minute possible!

Following the process he tries to keep up with long standing employees, and the lightning fast machines on the factory floor. He then tries his hand at inventing a new recipe, his very own Hull banger!

Episode one begins Tuesday 10th April at 9pm on Channel 5.