September 16, 2021

Leeds’ Northern Monk is giving away 5,000 free cans of beer to NHS workers this weekend

Everyone’s lives and businesses have been tipped upside down by the Covid-19 outbreak and the people on the front line are the NHS. This weekend Northern Monk is therefore giving something back to the NHS workforce that are caring for our communities day and night by donating 5,000 free cans of its core range hazy pale ale, Faith, to NHS employees.

The complimentary beer will be available in packs of 4X330ml cans via Northern Monk’s online shop between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday 29th March. The brewery published social media posts earlier today encouraging their social audiences to tag anybody that they know who works for the NHS, to raise awareness of the giveaway.

Northern Monk started life in a parent’s cellar with a £5,000 gift given to Northern Monk’s founder by his grandma after she sold and downsized her home. Inspired by these origins and a mission to give back to the community wherever they can, Northern Monk launched their own grant fund scheme, the For the North Foundation, in September 2019. The Foundation sees one £5,000 grant per quarter donated to a charity or business that’s doing something incredible for their community, giving others that same opportunity that turned Northern Monk from a dream, into reality. The 5,000 cans of Faith equate to one full grant from the For the North Foundation.

There will be no proof required to claim the complimentary cans, Northern Monk is putting its faith in the community to join them in giving a gift to the NHS, and help the brewery notify NHS staff about the discount, instead of claiming cans for themselves.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Northern Monk has had to close its Leeds and Manchester-based tap rooms and has pivoted its business online. For the past week, Northern Monk has been asking its customers to ‘Keep the Faith’ by purchasing bulk packs of Faith via the webshop. These packs are listed at £30, with £3 from each pack sold donated to an NHS charity.

Speaking about the initiative, Founder of Northern Monk, Russell Bisset, says: “There’s never been a more important time for us to come together in support of our NHS and show each individual how much we appreciate the ground-breaking work that they’re doing to battle Covid-19. We’re putting our faith in our communities by listing the beer for free. We are trusting people to do the right thing, to not take the beer for themselves, but to work with us to get it to the people who deserve it the most. We’re working together to give a gift to the people on the front line, and we hope people will join us in doing so.

“We all put our faith in NHS employees on a daily basis. This is our way of giving them a little Faith in return.”

Free 4X330ml packs of Faith for NHS workers will be listed on between 2pm and 4pm this Sunday. The cans of Faith will be shipped to NHS employees between the 6th and 7th April.