September 16, 2021

Kick off National Negroni Week with some top tips

In honour of National Negroni Week (14-20 September), Seamus Hooley, Head of Beverages for The Black Swan at Oldstead and Roots York, shares his tips for making the perfect Negroni.

Three tips to making the perfect Negroni

  • Use a premium Dry Gin. A premium gin will keep its flavour and ‘stand up’ to other flavours when mixed with other ingredients.
  • Use fresh ice. Old ice is already melting and this melting water will dilute the cocktail before optimal temperature is reached.
  • Only stir the drink for a maximum of ten seconds. Anything over this time will be too watered down.

The biggest mistake people make when making a Negroni?

The biggest mistake people make is over diluting their Negroni. I prefer this drink to pack a punch with the bitter/sweet balance so when it’s over-stirred, or old, already melting, ice is used you’re just losing flavour.

Three twists for a Negroni

  • Use Aperol as a replacement for Campari. Aperol has a softer bitterness level compared to Campari that makes a fruitier flavour which is more approachable for people who aren’t keen on bitter flavours.
  • Replace the Gin with Soda water and make an ‘Americano.’ It’s the parent drink to the Negroni that is a longer drink and arguably more refreshing.
  • Make a white Negroni by replacing the sweet vermouth with dry vermouth and replace the Campari with lillet blanc. This is a lot lighter and more floral than the classic martini but delicious nonetheless!

Our favourite Classic Negroni recipe:

– 25ml Cooper King Dry Gin

– 25ml Campari

– 25ml Cocchi Sweet Vermouth

– One orange twist to garnish

Combine all ingredients in a glass over ice and stir for no more than ten seconds. Garnish with an orange twist.