October 21, 2020

Harrogate’s Slingsby revolutionises drinks industry with launch of first ever own branded Pouras

Harrogate-based premium gin brand, Slingsby, has unveiled its own line of Pouras designed with bartenders in mind. Slingsby is the first ever gin company to bring these to market and the Pouras are set to revolutionise the way bar staff work.

The copper branded Pouras, available to support Slingsby’s on-trade accounts combat a number of issues that face the drinks industry. The natural silicone rubber bung fits seamlessly around the top of a Slingsby bottle preventing alcohol evaporation and leakage. Hardwearing, durable and dishwasher safe, they have a much longer life than a standard pourer meaning bars won’t have to invest as much money on replacing them.

Another issue the gin brand has addressed, is a solution to eradicate bar flies settling on the top of the bottles. The flies are particularly attracted to sticky liquids, so the Poura has been designed to simply open and close when bartenders want to use the bottle. This also means that at the end of the night staff don’t have to cover the tops of the bottles, as it is safely shut to protect the liquid.

Co-Founder of Spirit of Harrogate, Marcus Black, comments: “We are so happy to be supporting bar staff and making their jobs that little bit easier with the launch of our Pouras. We hope that our on-trade accounts will really feel the benefit of these, and notice a reduction in their wastage with this hygienic alternative to the standard pourer.”