December 4, 2021

Harrogate-based subscription box service gets into the festive spirit with Christmas fudge range

This year STIRRD, the Harrogate-based luxury monthly subscription service delivering hand-crafted treats to letterboxes across the UK, is introducing the Winter Wonderbox just in time for Christmas.

Designed to evoke the festive spirit, the range includes six special treats:

  • Stolen Fudge – Wrap yourself in Christmas with this festive fudge, bursting with almond flavours, juicy mixed fruit and a sprinkle of spice; 
  • Burnt Butter Caramels – Deliciously decadent, rich, buttery caramels enrobed in thick Belgian milk chocolate;
  • Blondie S’mores Fudge – Swirled with blonde chocolate, biscuit pieces and marshmallows, perfect for toasty fireside treating;
  • Milk Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb – Big golden crunchy nuggets of honeycomb, hand-dipped in Belgian milk chocolate. Addictive;
  • Milk Chocolate Butterscotch – The irresistible combination of chocolate, caramel & crunch. These disappear fast!
  • Peppermint Coconut Ice – Inspired by peppermint candy canes, the soft, juicy coconut ice is deceptively moreish.

STIRRD came to life in late 2019, the brainchild of food lover and Yorkshireman, Rob Whitehead. Obsessed with the ‘sweet stuff’, and driven by his memories of wondrous childhood tastes, Rob wanted to change what he saw as a world of ‘unacceptably boring sweets’ which dominate many of today’s shop aisles and limit consumer choices.

Offering monthly subscriptions and newly created menus of fudge, mallow and more fresh every month, the STIRRD mission is to remind sweet lovers of the amazing flavours possible with craft-made confectionery.