August 2, 2021

Gin Journey Leeds to give 50% off all its gift vouchers

Like so many businesses Gin Journey Leeds is feeling the impact of Covid-19, so (if it’s possible with your own circumstances) it would love your support.

By doing so you’ll not only be helping Gin Journey through this difficult period, but you’ll also be able to enjoy its usual five-star, absolutely belting, non-stop fun, delicious Gin Journey for half the price. 

Just think about it. A few months from now you’ll be ready to let your hair down and celebrate with the people you love, right? You can buy that person that needs it the most a gift voucher and take yourself along for the same price as it usually costs for one ticket.

What is it? 

The Gin Journey is an exploration into the world of gin. Be taken on a voyage of discovery by an expert Gin Guardian. It provides a boisterous insight into the world of gin while serving up delicious cocktails and samples of well crafted gin. Guests are whisked around by gin carriage to world class cocktails bars and era defining distilleries while most importantly, having a really lovely time.

The tour includes five samples of gin, five cocktails, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, *no hangover and a ridiculous amount of fun.

*no hangovers guaranteed only when sticking to the prescription of your Gin Guardian.

To book the voucher:

  1. Hit ‘Click here
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Enter promo code’
  3. Enter the code ‘ginjourney’
  4. Choose your ticket and amount you’d like
  5. Fill out the rest of your details
  6. Be happy in the fact that you have something super fun to enjoy on the horizon

The offer runs until 5th April 2020 so don’t miss out!