September 16, 2021

Gin isn’t just for Christmas as York-based distillery looks to keep the festive spirit alive

Christmas may be over for another year and 2020 is now a thing of the past (Thankfully!) but a special Christmas gin is aiming to keep the festive spirit alive for the next 12 months. York Gin’s limited special edition Chocolate & Orange gin was billed as ‘Christmas in a glass’ and the original plan was to only to make it for the festive season.

However, after becoming a bestseller with universal praise from customers on social media and drinks reviewers, the company took the decision to make it all year round – not just at Christmas.

York Gin’s distillery is two miles from where the Chocolate Orange – mainstay of millions of Christmas stockings – was invented and made for decades.

In the period since the launch of the chocolate and orange gin for Christmas, it has appeared in the i newspaper, the Yorkshire Post and the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, as well as the specialist and local press.

The Yorkshire Post put it under a ‘We love’ title, and the i newspaper put it in its list of 40 drinks to think about buying over the festive period.

Meanwhile, Susy Atkins, drinks writer at the Telegraph, said: “This new release may be inspired by the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which was made in York for many years, but it’s surprisingly subtle and deliciously dry, the chocolate and juicy orange notes just emerging on the finish. Clever stuff, and sensational in an espresso martini.”

And the reaction from customers has been ‘phenomenal’ according to master distiller Harry Cooke, who invented it.

“The fact that we make the gin only two miles from where the original Terry’s Chocolate Orange was invented has really fired people’s imaginations,” said Harry. “And the feedback has been amazing – everyone has been saying we need to carry on making it. It’s been our bestseller since the day it launched. And we expect it to sell very well in the run-up to Easter.”

Harry added: “As with all our other gins, it’s not sweet. It’s a dry gin, but the cocoa and orange give it a really distinctive character. We have to say it’s made our Christmas. Hopefully it’ll make our Easter too!”

York Gin Chocolate & Orange (42.5%) is made at the York Gin Distillery, Units 1&2, Acaster Estate, Cowper Lane, York, YO23 2TX.