December 5, 2020

Delivering delicious hand-crafted fudge from Yorkshire to letterboxes across the UK this Christmas

STIRRD, a luxury monthly subscription service delivering delicious, treats hand-crafted in confectionery capital of the UK, Harrogate, to letterboxes across the UK – the perfect gourmet gift to cheer up loved ones at the moment.

Passionate about raising the bar in a world of unacceptably boring sweets, STIRRD produces freshly made fudge in small batch recipes using unique flavours and ingredients of the highest quality. 

Made in traditional copper pans and slow-cooled for a melt-in-the-mouth experience, every batch of fudge, brittle, coconut ice, honeycomb or mallow is lovingly stirred by hand – and each month – in the quest for taste perfection, unexpected and new flavour combinations are put together by the team. 

Each bespoke box of hand-made confectionery includes three items and for Christmas this year sweet lovers will find a feast of fudge:

  • Mince Pie Fudge – sweet stuff for the soul. Spicy, buttery fudge infused with fruit & brandy and finished with a festive gold shimmer 
  • Salted Maple Fudge – the ultimate sensuous blend of salt and sweet, made with a glug of rich Canadian maple syrup and a sprinkle of sea salt. 
  • Whisky & Marmalade Fudge – a tangy taste of your favourite winter tipple, made with Seville orange marmalade and a splash of Whisky.

STIRRD boxes can be purchased individually or for an extra special present you can send a three or six month supply to your loved one’s letterbox each month with free delivery. 

One time purchase is RRP £12.99, three month supply is RRP £35.99 and six month supply is RRP £68.99. For a limited time only STIRRD are offering a three month subscription for just £25 and a six month subscription for only £50. Find out more at: