January 19, 2021

Cobra launches new Blond IPA at Leeds’ Aagrah restaurant

Earlier this week Cobra Beer announced the launch of its Blond IPA, Malabar, in Leeds-based restaurant Aagrah. The launch marked the first time the beer has been available in the city.

Malabar, the first ever small-batch blonde IPA, is named after the Karnataka coast of South India, the state in which Cobra Beer was first brewed 28 years ago.

Cobra Beer planned to create the most drinkable IPA ever, developing Malabar over the period of two years, to become a beer to accompany all food and to mark a departure from normally bitter IPAs. Cobra Beer Malabar is a small-batch Blond IPA brewed using the finest ingredients, including ale yeast and a traditional Indian blend of barley malt, maize, five varieties of hops, wheat, and rice, creating the impossibly smooth texture that makes Cobra Beer the favourite accompaniment for food of all varieties.

Diners can enjoy Malabar available at Aagrah Leeds City, Garforth, Chapel Allerton, Midpoint Pudsey, Shipley and Sheffield.  

Innovation is a key strategic pillar for Cobra Beer, with the product range continually evolving to ensure the ever-changing needs of their consumers are met. Cobra beer’s products are the perfect accompaniment to all food. Earlier this year the complete product range was approved as vegan-friendly, following accreditation by The Vegetarian Society. This customer-focused and innovative approach succeeded, with Malabar Blond IPA winning the highest award for quality – the Grand Gold prize from Monde selection last year.

The release of Malabar takes the total number of products in the Cobra Beer range to six: Cobra Premium Beer, Cobra Premium Draught Beer, King Cobra, Cobra Zero, Cobra Malabar Blond IPA Small Batch Series, and Cobra Gluten Free. 

Lord Bilimoria, Founder and Chairman of Cobra beer

Lord Bilimoria, Founder and Chairman of Cobra beer, said:“Cobra Beer is a household name and I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the great taste and unbeatable smooth texture. That’s why I’m delighted to launch Malabar Blond IPA at Aagrah. The leading and largest chain of curry restaurants in the UK and a group of which we have a very close and valued relationship with since the early days Cobra started.

“When I first founded Cobra Beer, I thought very carefully about making sure we used an innovative blend of carefully-selected ingredients. We worked on Malabar for two years to ensure that it would be smooth and the perfect accompaniment to any food.

”The launch of Malabar in Aagrah marks a momentous occasion for Cobra, and it is great to see how the beer will become more accessible as it is made available in more top bars and restaurants across the UK.”

Mohammed Aslam MBE, Deputy Lieutenant, Managing Director Aagrah Group , said: “We have been working with Cobra Beer since we started  over 40 years ago, we are delighted Cobrachose to do the launch of Malabar with Aagrah.” 

The seven medals won at this year’s prestigious Monde Selection Awards for fine quality and taste bring CobraBeer’s total number of gold medals from the prestigious Monde Selection Awards up to 101.