October 25, 2021

Celebrate International Gin and Tonic Day with Harrogate’s Slingsby Gin

To celebrate today’s (Monday 19th October) International Gin and Tonic Day, Harrogate’s Slingsby Gin has come up with some delicious G&T serves.

Classic Gin & Tonic:

Slingsby London Dry Gin serve with normal tonic, garnished with pink grapefruit peel and blueberries.

Slingsby London Dry tasting notes: An initial burst of refreshing citrus from the grapefruit base gives way to juniper before a very smooth herbaceous sweetness, led by sweet cicely and a light green tea scented with jasmine blossom.

Rhubarb Gin & Tonic:

Slingsby Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin served with elderflower tonic and garnished with raspberries.

Slingsby Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin tasting notes: Initial sweetness of Rhubarb and raspberry followed by the bitter tang of the Pink grapefruit citrus base. A tart Rhubarb finish rounds off the drink leaving an unforgettable flavour on the palate.

Gooseberry Gin & Tonic:

Slingsby Yorkshire Gooseberry Gin served with Mediterranean tonic and garnished with green apple slices.

Slingsby Yorkshire Gooseberry Gin tasting notes: An initial burst of refreshing citrus from the grapefruit base leads to an unmistakable tangy sharpness from fresh Yorkshire gooseberries, tempered with a sweet and fruity finish. 

For more recipes and information please visit www.spiritofharrogate.co.uk.