January 17, 2021

North Star Coffee Roasters to open first location in Leeds

(photo credit: Sara Teresa)

This summer, Leeds’ very own North Star Coffee Roasters will be opening their first ever retail location, after operating primarily as a wholesale business for the past four years, supplying around 100 independent coffee shops and restaurants around the UK with specialty grade, freshly roasted, ethically sourced coffee.

Their new location at Leeds Dock,  which opens on the week commencing the 10th July, will feature an on-site Roastery and Coffee Shop & General Store. North Star coffee will be freshly prepared next door to the Coffee Shop, which will provide an advanced coffee offering, incorporating a dedicated filter brew station with a regularly rotating menu of single origin coffees. The General Store will also showcase unique food and drink producers from across the world, alongside an on-site bakery partnership with Noisette Bakehouse; voted one of The Times 30 best bakeries in the UK and founded by fellow Young British Foodie Awards winner (Baker of the Year), Sarah Lemanski and co-founded by her sister Hannah Mather. Noisette will be developing a number of unique bakes and creations especially for the General Store, which will have a strong focus on working seasonally with a range of carefully curated ingredients.

Next door to the Roastery, will be a purpose built Coffee Academy, which will be certified to deliver accredited SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) courses to industry professional from across the globe. It is one of just three spaces in the UK set up to deliver the full spectrum of Sensory Skills courses and will shortly be able to host the full range of Coffee Diploma courses.

(photo credit: Sara Teresa)

The Coffee Shop and General Store will also offer up lunch, a rotating weekend brunch menu, and stock a selection of alcohol from local brewers and distillers.

North Star also recently launched their NEW ‘Spotlight’ range, which features some of the best-quality coffee, whilst also highlighting one of the most important issues that the coffee industry faces today; the waste generated from disposable cups that are non-biodegradable. The innovative packaging for the NEW ‘Spotlight’ range, consists of a sleeve and box which are made using 50% recycled coffee cup fibre, meaning that they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. To achieve this, North Star worked closely with James Cropper; a family-run business in the Lake District who invested £5m into a new recycling facility which uses groundbreaking machinery to effectively recycle paper cups into paper. In fact, they are just one of two facilities in the UK which are now geared up to recycle coffee cups. The beautiful new packaging and new coffee range will be available at the new Coffee Shop & General Store.  

North Star Coffee Roasters was established in 2013 as the first coffee roastery in Leeds dedicated to providing coffees of the highest quality by working with specialty focused producers all over the world. They buy only specialty grade Arabica coffees and choose beans based on their complex flavour profile, cleanliness and consistency. They work seasonally, purchasing fresh green coffee in small batches all year round which they then roast to showcase the inherent flavours of each bean.

The North Star Coffee Academy was established in March 2016 as part of their effort to positively contribute towards the UK’s specialty coffee scene. Their aim has always been to share knowledge and promote education in an effort to improve accessibility and understanding as well as to constantly push standards. They offer some of the most comprehensive courses available; covering barista, brewing and sensory skills both through the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) and their own training programme.


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