September 16, 2021

Chocolate Orange voted true taste of Christmas, according to an online poll

Terry’s Chocolate Orange, which was invented in York back in 1932, beat turkey, sprouts and ‘bitter resentment’ in a Twitter poll to find the ‘true taste of Christmas’, securing 42% of the votes. Turkey came in second with 30%.

The poll was held on the York Gin Twitter page and York Gin spokeswoman, Emma Godivala, said: “We’ve just released a chocolate orange gin – so the result is something of a relief.

“We’ve never thought about making a turkey gin – both on grounds of taste, and because all our gins are vegan.”

One respondent Irene Jackson said: “The bitter resentment is probably from being forced to eat sprouts as a child every Christmas dinner.”

Ms Godivala added: “There are some sprout gins on the market but I must say I’m not a fan.”

While the world’s Chocolate Oranges are sadly now made in France, York Gin Chocolate Orange is made in, rather unsurprisingly, York, where Terry’s Chocolate Orange was made for decades in the chocolate factory there. The factory closed in 2005 and is now luxury flats. 

Poll details:

  • Chocolate Orange: 42%
  • Turkey: 30%
  • Sprouts 10%
  • Bitter resentment: 18%

Poll carried out on 13-14 November 2020 (154 votes).